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"Evidence suggests that long before Europeans set foot in the Valley of the Moon, Native Americans from around Northern California used these waters. The springs were believed to hold curative powers, and members of distant tribes traveled days to bathe in them.....Caliente Springs Physical Therapy uses the waters in the age-old curative sense, treating pre- and post-operative patients as well as those with neuromuscular diagnoses, sports injuries and other problems. “Sometimes after surgery, people have pain or trouble walking or standing,” said owner Michael Kelly, a registered physical therapist. “Water is good for weight bearing exercise because it eliminates gravity as a component. People can work in water for an hour, when on land they would be exhausted or in pain after 15 minutes.”

The pressure of the water against skin also helps reduce swelling, and the Jacuzzi’s warm thermal water “is good for chronic conditions like arthritis,” said Kelly. “It increases the blood supply to injured areas, and relaxes muscles.”

Mike Kelly recalls seeing a photograph of Agua Caliente that dated back to the late 1800s. “There was a sort of low boardwalk surrounding a pool of surface thermal water,” he said. “All sorts of people, Native Americans and others, were sitting on the boardwalk with their feet in the water. They looked happy.” 

Article written by Suzie Rodriguez.

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